Heather Leach


Surface and Form

This collection of work is a representation of recovering from and then overcoming mental illness or emotional struggle, which is grounded in the evidence of anecdotes from myself and other people. From all these stories I was able to create a body of work about overcoming emotional adversity of any kind.
Within the world’s context, pre-dating the Corona Virus and during this global pandemic, messages of hope and the possibility of an end to suffering I think are crucial.
Overcoming an inner struggle, from which there seemed to be no way out, produces real optimism that I felt needed expressing.
This art is inspired by Grayson Perry, Babara Kruger, Jenny Holzer and Tracy Emin’s work. Their art is also personal, emotional, unfiltered and inescapably political. This project’s pieces are simple, using symbolic shapes, colours and materials with text simplifying the experience of mental recovery.
This work was produced instinctually to communicate serious ideas in aesthetically interesting or humours forms. The only serious objective of this work is to be a strong reminder that coming out of dark times is always possible.