James McCormack Haigh


Visual Communication

While exploring the growing disconnect between the homeless, I found the prominence of stigma and how it affects those unfortunate enough to be without home. In this project I decided to explore multiple avenues of digital manipulation and practical methods to achieve thought provoking messages. In my painted piece I used two tones black/white and create an disparity in colour, the piece is chaotic which resembles the thought process of humans and it’s bound together with marks which were formed with various techniques to cause atmosphere. The next piece I created was a mixture of experimental black and white paintings which aimed to explore visual methods of showing a disconnect. I pushed limits to create interesting marks which I manipulated into a new composition. My use of type was subtly integrated, to make it more cohesive and form balance. My last two images were created with the texture of fabric, I found this material very emotive and using photography and good composition has given the pieces strong impressions. Manipulating the fabric gave altered perceptions to the viewer and were further distorted using photoshop. The theme of limited colour pallet gave these pieces a theme and connection which keeps them cohesive.