Jean Tincknell


Surface and Form

My initial inspiration for this body of work was by discovering a discarded upright piano in a field. Little did I realise I was looking at a potential project subject.
It tells a story of a community, long forgotten, and the music that had significance in that period to a group of people long gone.
I knew that the raw materials I wanted to use were in that piano, the mechanics and wood were beautiful and evocative starting points. So, with the piano as a starting point, and then using relevant techniques such as deconstructing dismantling, painting, sketching, stitching, screen printing, I began to get my creative story across.
My exploration took me back over one hundred years of piano music and instruments and evoked a sense of belonging to something that does not stand alone.
Each element of the mechanism is dependent on each movement of every part.
As we rely on each other to enable us to be able to play a “melodious tune”.