Joseph Day-Phillips


Surface and Form

The idea of a “ghost” as a shape or a feeling is recognisable to some, whether from a real experience or due to the portrayal of ghosts in films. In my FMP I wanted to explore and create an impression of what life after death might look like. I spent time thinking about how to highlight the juxtaposition between the comfort and serenity of graveyards in comparison to the feeling of fear and shock at a spiritual presence/encounter. I also wanted to capture the essence of a lost loved one.
My work focuses on the colours, textures and imagery we equate with graveyards. Furthermore, it concentrates on distorted portraits and silhouettes which create an uncomfortable presence.
Due to COVID 19, my resources were a lot more limited than they would have been while at college and I had to improvise and work with materials to hand. However, I think this has made me resourceful and take risks, and overall, I feel pleased with the results.
Please feel free to have a look at my blog page for more of my work I have created this year on the Foundation.