Katherine Amey


Visual Communication

In Weston culture, the dragon is representative of evil a giant vicious beast that is fought with and slain by knights to restore balance to the land. A contemporary interpretation I saw the dragon as a representation of struggle, mental and physical disability, loss, grief and many other issues that people fight with constantly. The phoenix, to me, is associated with persistence. The idea that no matter how many setbacks and challenges one may face, they’ll rise from the ashes and continue to face new obstacles bright and more brilliant than before. The idea that an iceberg is 20% is on the surface and 80% is submerged represented progress to me. When we look to those we admire, we can see the accomplishments they have made. What we don’t see is the setbacks, the failures and the disappointment they have faced but persistence mean they swam back to the surface and they kept climbing the iceberg until they reached the top