Lenny Montague


Visual Communication

Many people experience traumas throughout their lives - why is it that some move on from traumas while others find themselves stuck or rather, traumatised? I chose to explore this question and produce illustrations to shed light on the answers. Controversial as it sounds, I have found that whether to be traumatised or not is a choice taken by the individual. In order to truly heal from a trauma, it is necessary to address the underlying problem of unhappiness that motivates this initial decision to become traumatised. In these images, I have depicted the journey that one might take towards resolving this problem based on my own experience through adolescence. The end goal is to be able to love yourself enough that you do not feel the need to be special in some way to gain love from others. To do this it is necessary to firstly become aware of, and then release one’s ego: the ego is interested only in preserving one’s present self – it inhibits the change necessary to step forwards and away from the you that is suffering. To heal from a trauma, there is often much more that needs healing first.