Liz Levy


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

Shock of the Naked

This collection of Naked portraits is set out to oppose the stereotypical nude portrayed in Renaissance Art. The term naked is referring to the exposed, vulnerable, unmasked body. To be naked is to be oneself, to be nude is to be seen as naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself, a nude has to be seen as an object in order to be a nude, to be naked is to be without disguise. Inspired by the works of John Berger, Jenny Saville and Lucian Freud; I investigated their brutal, unfiltered paintings of the naked body. This small collection portrays the human figure as honest and beautiful in a way that allows the viewer in and trusted by the model. Most pieces show all aspects of the human form in a brutally honest fashion, as it is true that the natural state of the body is not always flattering. The aim was to portray both female and male genitals as to be challenged to a new form of expression.