Lizz Buck


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

In the beginning I had big plans and lots of ideas of how I wanted to make this grand, imposing textural piece that not only caught the attention of the viewer but also with the intention for them to be able to touch and feel it too, which goes against the norm of art galleries universal 'look but don't touch' motto. Due to limitations I had to rein in my ideas a little and decided to make a ceramic piece using many textural layers, different colours in glazes, acrylic paint, gilding polish, along with fabric and sequins. Despite a few hiccups in the making process and limitations of available materials and processes, I am extremely pleased with the final outcome. The colours are all vibrant and inviting, there is lots of interest to keep the eye occupied, the glazes add a glass look and feel, the gilding paste adds a metallic sheen to the hand and fabric definitely adds a warm, which all emphasis the textural nature of the piece.