Louis Cairns


Interdisciplinary Fine Art

An ongoing part of life. Moments I once lived through as a child could be defined as nostalgic; smells, toys, tv shows, etc. One day, elements of this very moment will become nostalgic to me. Nostalgia is anything but now. Anything but the person I am in this very moment. Everyday contains a personal evolution from the person you were the day before.
Nostalgia is anything but now.

When I chose the title Nostalgia, I had hopes of escaping the present; myself, my feelings, the world around me. But it was an unrealistic goal, and this became evident in the work I produced. Within this project I explored a lot of my current feelings, surprisingly; emphasising how out of touch I felt with myself now, let alone in the past. So rather than painting a clear image of what nostalgia means to me, this project records the journey of losing the escape it once brought me, finding all the joy and innocence trapped beneath the surface of now. It depicts how losing the escape of nostalgia led to a feeling of being trapped, how as time went on, the present started to eat away at the past, leaving me in a position where I had to truly face reality.
This project, through a range of mediums and materials such as metal, latex and even blood, shows my childhood nostalgia through a lens of filth and emotion, a lens that I haven’t been able to shift since it started. This project depicts a loss of innocence due to a tainted state of mind and corruption from the outside world.