Louis Roberts


Visual Communication

My initial idea for this project started out with wanting to challenge social stereotypes, deconstruct them and find the facts and origins behind them. This would have allowed me to gain a better understanding so I could then reconstruct and portray this stereotype through photography. However, with COVID and a sudden lack of access to society I decided to investigate stereotypes I found at home and particularly gender stereotypes. My aim was to portray inherently feminine shoots with male models. An obvious start I felt was with make-up and dress but this felt very one dimensional and so I did more research into stance and body positions, finding that women are often shot in much more vulnerable poses, which I then over exaggerated in another shoot with a male model. I felt as though a final develop to this project would be to contextualise my work to modern day media. I took the most iconically female Magazine, Playboy, and redesigned it with men, for men.