Lucy Bishop


Surface and Form

My project explores the question of what is value? In light of coronavirus and recent events, I wanted to explore how the meaning and concept of value has changed since the global pandemic, causing us to re-evaluate what is most precious and most valuable during these unprecedented times. This caused my project to evolve differently than initially expected, responding to different stages throughout the coronavirus outbreak and UK lockdown. I wanted to explore the social, political and emotional effects of the pandemic. Working with mixed media, my work explores our response to the outbreak and an increased appreciation of our homes and outdoor spaces, family and those closest to us, key workers and NHS staff. Things taken for granted or neglected before the outbreak are now being recognised and valued. Various stages of lockdown have highlighted the value of ordinary aspects of everyday life, from toilet rolls at the start of the outbreak to social distance and the space that divides us. To accompany my work, I decided to write a poem, a narrative of the pandemic aiming to capture a moment of reflection and a snapshot in time.