Matilda Marston


Visual Communication

My work looks at perceptions both physical and metaphorical, as inspirations to create graphic posters, that visual portray differing perceptions. To start with, my header I wanted to incorporate colour perception of light, by having the word perception repeated in the primary colours, that come together to form white light. For my Zebra poster, I wanted to show different pronunciations of the same word. to portray different perceptions on language. To make my Zebra poster visually appealing I Incorporated a black and white Zebra crossing into its final design. For my Melt poster I wanted to create a visual onomatopoeia, by having the word melt into the next word. With my cloud poster, I thought about how when I cloud watch with friends, we always have different ideas on what the shapes remind us of. So, this made me think I would use this poster to ask the audience, what their perceptions of the clouds were? For my last poster I wanted to look at colour deficiency and how the colour blindness test uses certain colours, that others with the same condition find difficult to perceive.