Oliver Pointer-Jones


Visual Communication

A brief exploration into a project that could span a much longer time (I have intentions to continue this in the future and to share it on social media for both portfolio work and for fun) I recorded around 30 strangers over the course of these few months. I explored who people were, why we were drawn to certain people, why people can feel attracted to strangers, fixations, developing stereotypes, etc. My project helped me understand colour theory, it helped me develop an interest in line drawing, lino print, simple animation (creating gifs) and focusing on research to create a consistent project. I felt excited to continue my work consistently and have felt so inspired to continue on.What makes a stranger stand out? I believe colour theory in its essence contributes to this majorly, as well as ratios, proportions, style, facial expressions, energy, and someone’s general being. People develop patterns of judgment, if someone has a distinct feature and they turn out to be a bad person, that judgment can be passed onto another. Or contrary to that, it could be positive. My exploration was extremely broad, and I just wanted to explore everything and anything.