Phoebe Stamp


Surface and Form

For my final major project, I have decided to delve into the definition of ‘toxic masculinity’ and how it effects our society. Toxic masculinity is a term used to refer to behaviours that many men show in an attempt to fit in to the cultural norm. It is these behaviours; violence, assertion of power and self-entitlement that can lead to emotional barriers between men and the real world.
Young boys are bought up and constantly told to ‘man up’. They are taught not to cry, to neglect self-care and to not connect with anything that may have feminine connotations. I have been investigating in to how these limitations can lead to problems with addiction, mental health and social development.
It is these traditions that may arguably cause misogyny and inequality. Aggression and power do not make you any more of a man.
For my pieces, I have contrasted male portraits in both 2D and 3D with material and patterns that are stereotypically considered feminine to portray the most ‘macho’ men who influence my life in a different light.