Zoe Goodman


Surface and Form

This body of work is an abstract exploration into the idea of donation through the human body, organs and their microbiological make up. The final installation was inspired by the cell patterns of organs under the microscope. Using stitch, fabric and acetate, a complex response has been created replicating these textures and shapes. The use of negative space and replacement represents the idea of giving and receiving. Using thread to connect the different pieces together suggests fragility and dependency of humans on their organs.
The initial inspiration came from my dad’s personal experience of donation. After his kidneys failed at the age of 17, he became dependent on dialysis whilst he waited for a transplant. On dialysis treatment for 15 years, he recalls feeling “isolated” and “vulnerable”. Having a kidney transplant changed his life, giving him back his freedom sustained by anti-rejection drugs.
During the current Covid-19 pandemic my dad’s vulnerability has resurfaced as he’s in the high risk category. The feelings of isolation and fragility are similar to when he was on dialysis. His fragile freedom, for so long maintained by medicines, is now threatened by events outside of his control. He is dependent on other’s behaviour in order to stay safe.