Hannah Lewis


This year I applied to study for an MA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University. My application was successful and I will be studying at BSU during 20/21 academic year.


I am exploring my obsession with image, who we are, how we are presented and what lies beneath the mask. With the issues my generation face in our need to be societies version of ‘perfect’ I feel the need to address this subject by telling my own story on the troubles I have and continue to face in relation to body image and social insecurities. With the use of photography, I utilize my camera as a tool to capture the images from my mind recreated with the help of make-up, prosthetics, ceramics and more. The use of a photograph allows me to combine my skills within many mediums into the final pieces you see before you. Throughout these images you will be taken to my world, witnessing the scary thoughts my
mind creates. I aim to open your minds to our troubled generation, allowing you to think about the identities behind our masks.


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