Julie Ackerman


I plan to continue creating my art work after graduation. This year through my BA Marketing and Finance Module, I have developed a future business plan to help supplement the running of my creative studio through running material recycling art workshops for the local community. I hope to get this up and running for near future. I also hope to exhibit my work locally and nationally in group exhibitions and commercial galleries.


My work is concerned with environmental issues and I use recycled object and materials washed up on local beaches to create my sculptures and installations. I believe that one way in which we can help the environment is to waste less stuff. Using the things that we ordinarily send to landfill challenges me to create completely unique pieces that re-purpose the worn out, broken and unwanted.
I use drawing to capture my ideas on paper and clay to create and visualise sculptural concepts. This process is developing and most recently I have begun include discarded materials and objects into the work. Many of these are assembled and presented in a similar manner to the way precious objects are presented in a museum.


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