Karen Chard


Self employed: There is a strong local and community emphasis in my business. Through my work, my intention is to make a positive difference in people's lives, my local community of Street and Glastonbury, the wider community of Mendip and on this planet as a whole.
As an alternative to mainstream funeral industry values, I am offering an ecologically sustainable, service and producs from locally sourced materials and skilled artisans. I challenge the taboos around death and through workshops, making memoria or funeral shrouds, incorporating fabrics that have special meaning or hold special memories for you, offer the opportunity to process death and grief, using head, heart and hands and the techniques of crafts. I make shrouds to order, suitable for natural burials, using crazy patchwork from natural fibre fabrics and specially printed organic cloth.
I run workshops offering a safe space to open up conversations around death and grief and through using our heads, hearts and hands we create funereal memoria.


Artist, Craftswoman, Sculptor, Shroud Maker and Facilitator of Death and Grief Workshops. I am more than just a faceless business, I offer a personal service with cultural value and local connection. My work is inspired by nature, the natural cycles of life and death and the interconnectedness of all things. It celebrates ancient crafts and their hand made qualities. I use traditional crafts in a modern way, mixing mediums of textile and clay, exploring the use of crafts in art.


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