This course will help you realise your unique creative voice and develop your practical and academic skills.


You will engage with the creative industries through exhibition opportunities, competitions, commissions and work placements.

Students on this course get their own space in one of our studios, which is theirs to use inside and outside of scheduled classes for the whole year, and are also able to access an array of essential equipment, both technological and traditional.

brooklyn art library: sketchbook project

The Brooklyn Art Library are creating the largest collection of sketchbooks in the world which will be catalogue each with a unique barcode so that they can be individually accessed. This project is open to anyone from anywhere in the world and we are excited that our Contemporary Art and Professional Studies students are participating in this and will be represented within this international collection.


The Brooklyn Art Library will travel America in their Bookmobile and show the sketchbooks as part of pop-up residencies, drawing events and school visits. During these travels, our student's sketchbooks will be shared through exhibitions and different learning experiences.

This project is ongoing, and the sketchbooks will be sent to Brooklyn over the coming weeks.

weston hospital: donor project

As part of our commitment to involving students in live projects that encourage community engagement, we are producing a sculpture to be installed within the chapel garden at Weston Hospital. The sculpture will feature fired clay hearts created by students which will be combined within a larger structure. This project does not only involve Contemporary Art and Professional Studies students but also is being completed with the involvement of level 3 and ‘A’ level art students making this a truly collaborative project.


The approach to this project is inspired by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco and his work entitled ‘My Hands Are My Heart’ which encourages us to consider how through our actions we can create positive change.