Amy McGuire


CAPS, Year 2

Although Preston was my birthplace and art had always featured in my life, I feel that my artistic soul was well and truly nurtured in the West Country. Moving to Weston-super-Mare in 2017 was probably one on of my most important moves in my life, for it was here that I embarked on a new adventure at Weston College undertaking a Foundation course in Art, which fuelled my passion. Taking this further I graduated to a degree in Contemporary Arts and Profession Studies at University of Central Weston and Bath Spa where I am currently close to finishing my second year, it is my intention to further study for the BA Honours Degree, one more year.

Inspiration for my work is drawn from several aspects of everyday life, more observations than inspiration but when it comes down to it, the observation of the unusual things, or those that seem out of place, I look to capture and incorporate into my paintings. These observations can be anything from an unusual twisty tree, mushrooms growing at the base of a tree, or a frog sat in the grass far from a pond. I take solace from great painters such as Paul Cezanne, who made it his life’s work to capture that what he sees in a new way of seeing

Shadows, light and colour are also key aspects to my paintings I paint with emotion sometimes dark, sometimes bright, but with each painting I create, I feel that I bear a little of my soul onto each canvas which makes the paintings very personal.

Finally, I feel that a painting isn’t complete unless it is presented in a professional manor, even if it is just destined to be hung in my own kitchen. I therefore choose the most appropriate way of displaying the work in its best light which has led to some unusual but creative framing solutions from mounting the paintings onto a sheet aluminium or use the bark of the tree to finish the outer frame. If the canvas can be left unframed, then I always ensure that the sides of the canvas are coloured to match the picture, not leaving any unsightly drips or marks!

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


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