Charlotte Hughes


CAPS, Year 2

Artist Statement - ‘Red Series’

My artwork for this show consists of three pieces that when put together, make the first of a two-part series of work. I used a variety of mediums to create this selection, these being watercolours, oil paints, coloured pencil and digital software. By using a mixture of mediums, I was able to achieve the desired effects that I want in each component of a piece.

Making these pieces often has a long process involved. For example, in the artwork ‘Soulmates’, I start out in oils to get a solid base to the painting, then moved a high-quality image of this into Procreate to finish it off. The rabbit head in that piece is painted mostly in a digital paint tool in Procreate. By bringing together these different methods I feel more connected to my art, the uncertain start that ends up coming together almost right at the end. It’s a journey to the finished product and I think this gives a sense of uncertainty to the work that reflects on the meaning it has itself.

The main theme visible in my work is anthropomorphism, this aspect immediately being the most noticeable by the viewer. I use this as a way of incorporating my own feelings into the work without it being overly obvious what the actual meaning is behind it. Although I tend to hide behind my art in most cases, I want to work on bringing more ‘truth’ to my future works. Although having said this, when looking at a piece, I think it is far more interesting for the viewer to see their own versions of the story. Although each piece represents a different struggle I face, the series comes together with a common theme. The theme for this series, the ’Red Series’, is a negative time in life and in my-self. The series explores three different aspects of my more negative feelings.

I usually create art in order to come to terms with what is going on in my life. Therefore, this series has an intention of being a therapy of sorts for myself. I don’t ever explore problems in the world, my work is unashamedly self-centred. However, this is how my work has always been and for me that’s what I want it to be.

Although my work is very centred around personal experiences, there are a variety of artists who have helped influence it. Artists such as Paul Reid and Beth Carter are ones who have impacted how I portray anthropomorphism in my work. Artists who have been an influence on my work in general have been Lauren Marx, Aykut Aydogdu and Beth Cavener. I’m not sure what style my work is, however, parts of it are abstract. Overall, my work encompasses a variety of different mediums and styles, all which come together to create something that is of a very personal nature. My art is a reflection on myself, therefore it is no wonder as to why the mediums are still forever changing and developing.


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