Cheyenne Macrides


CAPS, Year 1

I am a writer and visual artist who explores the self, using ‘memory’, response to ‘place’ and the experience of ‘travel’. My current mediums I use to express idea and concept are collage, photography and poetry.
I rely heavily upon my senses, experiences and memories to form my poetic ideas. Memory being the most important for me as a writer because this enables me to self-explore and reflect upon my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Switching mediums is how I write from multiple perspectives. Responding to how I feel and how I want my vision to be expressed determines my selection of media, which could change from a paintbrush, a camera or pen.
I have had my poems submitted in UK and European literary magazines as of late. My piece ‘Nighthawks’ will be published by ‘Armarolla’ at the end of May 2020, spreading across bookstores in Zurich, Beirut, Greece and Cyprus. I will continue to submit poetry in the near future but my long- term goal is to create poetry books using a blend of word and visual imagery.


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