Elizabeth Greaves


CAPS, Year 2

The inspiration for my art comes from journeys and a sense of time passing. The term ‘journey’ describes physical travel but also the journeys we make in life. Personal experiences especially those that involve elements of self-discovery, challenges and pilgrimages, getting older, reaching special milestones are all key in shaping and defining our identity.
I enjoy the physical aspect of creating which informs my materials and techniques including the act of moulding and sculpting clay into 3 dimensional forms and adding texture, marks and colour through slips, oxides and glazes to make a finished unique ceramic piece. Processing my own clay has also provided a greater understanding of the history of my raw materials and a deeper connection with the work produced.
I am drawn to making collages for the act of ripping up found and collected materials and creating something new from those fragments. My collages portray journeys either through their own theme or by the choice of materials which either compliment the work or provide their own story through external historic artifacts and commentary or current references.


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