Fran Frost


CAPS, Year 1

I am drawn to and inspired by Japanese traditional culture and its arts. The Geisha and Kimono are depicted in much of my work and I have used Hokusai’s woodblock series “A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces” 1833-1834 as a stimulus to reflect upon my interests.
Ceramics is my present method to develop my ideas. I create slab bowls which act as canvasses for me to paint and print upon. Constructed from stoneware clay and textured with a range of tools, or etched using sgraffito, I paint these surfaces with a range of layered coloured slips and stains. I finish my process using a high fired transparent gloss glaze. My work is specifically decorative to lure and attract. As a complement I also Print: using collograph and etching techniques to produce images of Geisha which I print onto Somerset paper. These are occasionally coloured. Printing also allows me to Screen imagery reproducing my Geisha drawings onto my ceramic slabs. These complexed surfaces further develop my desire for a rich, lustrous and decorative aesthetic.
To continue this theme during the Coronavirus isolation period and the consequent lack of materials, I have created a Japanese style vase out of recycled materials, which I have decoupaged with a combination of images of one of Hokusai’s waterfalls combined with my own drawing and design.


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