Holly Mansfield


CAPS, Year 1

It is important to me to visually record and research my local landscapes. My project focuses on three local areas including Uphill, Sandbay and Brean Down. I am a painter and I use photograph and sketch with pencil, charcoal and watercolour to capture these places to inform my studio paintings. For primary research I also collect objects as a resource material but I have found an interest in pure collecting and have begun to order and arrange these forms to make symbolic art works that reflect the direct landscape. I like the challenge of painting with paint primary colours and attempting to paint what I see. My colour palettes are made up of three different shades of red, yellow and blue. Then I mix the colours with white and black to create a vast range of different pigments
I will progress and focus on painting as my chosen pathway. This will include furthering my primary colour palettes. I am interested in exploring other local areas more frequently to take photos of the changing landscape and environment. This will also include continuing to collect objects from these places. My research will expand and include Post-Impressionism art movements that inspire me and encourage an experimental approach to painting.


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