Paul Dainter


CAPS, Year 2

My main area of interest is people. I paint mainly in oils and try to capture the essence of the subject to include narrative where possible.

I have always been interested in people. Watching how they interact, their mannerisms, expressions and stance. Early on, this manifested itself in multiple pencil sketches of my grandparents as they sat (usually watching TV). I was fascinated by the change of expression and how their features changed to suit the mood. Paintings of people and particularly faces have always featured heavily in my work.

My focus has recently moved towards the mundane, everyday scenes that we all take for granted: hushed conversations in the corner of a coffee shop; silent figures staring into the middle distance as they await the arrival of a bus; a solitary person reading in a gallery; a worker going about his daily routine.

There are a number of artists I have always admired for the style of their paintings and for the subjects they chose to paint. Amongst them are Jan Vermeer and Edward Hopper, both masters at capturing a sense of mood and of time, featuring real people, real personalities; their paintings reveal only the surface of the true story underneath.

My objective is to create an alternative reality by capturing the actual reality we just don’t see.


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