Paul Furniss


CAPS, Year 1

On my journey so far, I have been exposed to many forms of art, all of which I have found fascinating, however, one cannot do everything and so we all try to find our own preferred specialist discipline, mine will be painting.
I have learnt to investigate and research many branches of art. This I find liberating and opinion forming, enabling the practitioner to hold informed debate and conversation on these subjects, this is creativity forming. I have also learnt through practice that, art forms that are not immediately attractive but can still be of value, enjoyed and will likely play a part in your emerging style. We are influenced by all that we see and do to some extent. I believe the more I learn about art, the more I paint, so the more my creativity is fed. Lastly, I hope my body of work shows that I have grown as an artist, intellectually and creatively. The road ahead will continue to inform me and change my mind, possibly using all influence, resulting in an expansion of personal creative language and a focus on concept, aiding my growing making skills to produce quality outcomes.


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