year 1

Courtney Bate

Danielle Hill

Ella Bradbury

Ellie Lockyer

Emily Ford

Erin Bentley

Faith Millett

Freya Scherer

Katharine Hart

Louise Flynn

Martyna Pietryckia

Paris Rowland

Rebecca Cox

Sarah Kenchington

Wez Webber

Yasmin Liddeatt

Our year 1 students have been working hard on a range of projects, which have seen them develop specialist skills in areas such as contemporary styling, character and historical makeup and hairstyling for theatre performances, HD requirements for TV and Film, as well as special effects makeup for live events.


You will find here, a collection of work from throughout the year, which showcase a range of skills and techniques. The images displayed exemplify work from a range of projects, as well as some independent work that we feel demonstrates their specific skillset and creativity.


Within the first project, learners worked hard to design and create special effects makeup and characterisation for the Phobia Fright Night event at Puxton Park. They worked tirelessly on this 4 day event, bringing their creations to life and working collaboratively with actors and other makeup artists. Following this, students worked on the Pantomime at the Blakehay Theatre, designing and applying characterisation for the Rose Beauty and the Beast performance.


Project 2 saw the development and application of high definition makeup and hairstyling for TV and Film. Students created makeup and hair for a news reader, then transformed this into a night time high glam look.


Project 3 saw learners develop characterisation for the intended outcome of a runway event, whereby they designed and created historical visualisations, based on the theme of Evolution. This saw learners conduct research and experimentation into the merging of two historical eras, in order to create a fantasy look that encompassed both points in history. Whilst they were unable to create these for a runway event, our learners have worked hard at home to conclude final outcomes in the form of headshots, demonstrating full makeup and hairstyling they would have produced.


Alongside this, some learners have chosen to include images of the makeup and hairstyling creativity they have perfected whilst working from home.


* A word of warning though: If you are not a fan of horror or have a weak stomach, some of these images may not be for you. This page contains images of special effects makeup, including cuts, burns, blood (a lot of blood) and other graphic characterisation.

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