My project is a short animation that I made, with an original character that I designed.

My main interests are drawing, animating, and playing video games (Pokemon games in particular). I chose to take this course because I wanted to improve my skills in 2D drawing and animation, as well as learn some new ones in 3D modeling. My favourite medium to draw with is colour pencils, and some of my favourite things to draw are creature and monster designs.


For my project I wanted to come up with a concept for a platformer.

My name is Alanta,I spend a lot of my time going out on walks and just exploring the outdoors. When I was younger I didn’t have access to my own console and games so I’d watch other people play them, and my dream was to get my art in a game through concept art so one day I could watch the same people play a game with my art in it.


For this project I set myself the task of designing a piece of environmental concept art based on the science fiction sub-genre and close relative of cyberpunk, biopunk, with reference to locations found in the town of Weston-Super-Mare.

While I enjoy many forms of media my passion has always been for video games, so discovering this course allowed me to turn my favourite hobby into my career. After finishing this course, I plan to stay in education which will allow me to further hone the knowledge and skills that this course has taught me so far, which includes skills related to both traditional (human anatomy, perspective) and digital (Photoshop, Maya)



My Project was a game level in unity but now it is just a level design. It will be around the word Indissoluble.

I enjoy Video Games mainly and so some drawing and watch videos for inspirations.


Concept art for a Fantasy role playing game (RPG), including multiple character concepts and environmental pieces and splash art.

I am a highly motivated, adaptable and loyal individual. I have found this course to be challenging but rewarding at the same time and I am looking forward to whatever the future brings me...


A video game concept that I am creating, it is an RPG where play as monster.


For my project I have designed a game concept around a single word, the word I used was solitude. From this I went and created a concept of an RPG samurai fighting game basing the story off of the Heian period.

Hi I am Harry I enjoy drawing and playing games, I want to become a concept artist when I am older however I am not 100% sure I chose this course because art and games are two things I am passionate about.


Concept art and ideas for a problem-solving video game based around brainstorming and thinking in a situation.

Some of my main hobbies include drawing and writing stories. I’ve loved playing video games and watching animated shows my entire life, which is why I chose to do this course. I’ve learned many different methods of drawing throughout this course, and I’m hoping to do a course on character animation at university in the future.


Creating a 3D model for an escape room game concept.

So far, I have learned a lot from this course. Skills that I would’ve never have learnt otherwise, and skills that I will benefit from in the future. I was able to improve many skills as well, such as team working, leadership, presentation, speaking and even though I’m not the strongest artist, I have improved my drawing skills.


Creating a Horror 2D Side Scrolling game concept based around the concept of Stasis.

My names Sakura, I joined this course in the hopes of learning new skills and improving my abilities, this is so I can enter the games industry with the experience I need.


Concept art for a survival game, where you play as a robot who has fallen through a portal into a weird world. I have made concept art for the character, the environment and an item (Sword).

I am very interested in playing video games as I get lots of fun out of them. I like being creative and thinking outside the box. I love to draw and do art projects. I have recently started doing digital art which I find so much fun to do. Rewards can motivate me massively to do well.

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