year 2

The year 2 students have worked hard this year, developing more complex specialist skills within the realm of makeup artistry, for a range of projects, productions and events. Throughout this time, they have built and utilised professional industry skills such as production planning, design and team management when working within areas of Theatre, Film, TV and live events.


Project 1 saw the development of special effects makeup design and characterisation for the Phobia Fright Night event at Puxton Park. Students developed horror-based designs, which they then demonstrated and supported the first year students; working as mentors and makeup artists on set. This live project saw all learners work tirelessly on this 4 day event, collaborating with actors and other makeup artists to perfect special effects characters to a very high standard. 


Project 2 developed specialist skills within life casting, mould making and facial prosthetic making for the creation of Dr Who Alien characters. All learners undertook this project with professionalism and dedication to advance their knowledge and skills and create outcomes to a high standard. Alongside this, learners undertook their Industry Placement working as makeup artists and designers on Shrek the musical at Princes Hall. They designed and created complex characters and facial prosthetics, whilst working as an independent production team. We are very proud of our students accomplishments and ability to become autonomous and professional makeup artists.


Project 3 allowed learners the opportunity to develop skills within body contouring, airbrushing, fantasy hairstyling and body painting in order to create characters for the intended runway performance event. Based on the theme of Evolution, learners conducted research into a wide range of animals from different continents, looking at habitats and survival features. Learners designed, tested and explored a range of techniques and ideas in order to create a final characterisation that combined two animals, highlighting these survival features. Whilst this runway was unable to take place, learners continued to develop these characters at home and produced headshots demonstrating the types of creatures they intended to display on their runway event.


Alongside this, some learners have chosen to include images of the makeup, hairstyling and body painting techniques they have perfected whilst working from home.


A word of warning though: If you are not a fan of horror or have a weak stomach, some of these images may not be for you. This page contains images of special effects makeup, including cuts, burns, blood (a lot of blood) and other, graphic characterisation.

Abbie Phillips

Alysha Treanor

Anna Elliott

Chloe Kellaway

Ella Goddard

Emily McCall

Esme Carpenter

Lydia McCormack

Maia Windsor

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