Alex Bird

My project is a WW2 german super tank called P. 1000 "Ratte" which was only put into concept so i then made it in 3D and added my own touches to it.

From the course I have learnt how to do 3D work arranging from texturing, modelling, concept, rigging and animating, for my future I am going to go to Uni.

Jacob Cannock

My Project is a continuation of my internship at Studio 14 Entertainment. The goal of my project is to create an asset pack for an area of their game Exodus Rising.

Over the 2 years of this course I have been able to greatly improve my 2D and 3D art skills. Next year I am going to be taking a Gap year to hopefully become employed working as an environment artist or work as a freelance artist

Jessica Cooper

A historical Viking ship mixed with a futuristic style to it, to create a majestic 3D Model still-life of a flying Viking ship.

I enjoy creating 3D environment aspects for college work or my own personal work because I love to see my imagination come to life. I learned many valuable skills within these 2 years on this course, but most important thing I learned is that I want my career path to be a 3D environment artist or a 3D world artist. My plans are hopefully get into Weston university and keep studying this course.

Paul Davies

My project is to study find and see what the outcome is to produce something substantial whilst learning a new skill.

As an artist after coming from secondary school and translating into college I was drawn to Weston college and it's substantial games and animation course. Now in my second year of this course I have learned many things, ranging from comfortable/relatable drawing skills, to learning about 3D and manipulating objects in a digital space.

Lukas Fall

My project consists of concepts for an expansion pack for one of my favourite franchises, Splatoon. I took the aesthetic of an already existing part of the game to create characters for my own imagined expansion pack.

Even though I have always had a passion for art, and in the more recent years been heavily exploring digital art, I originally applied for A-levels. Despite this, I ended up switching to Creative Design for Game and Animation at the last minute, as I knew about the course through a friend who was in the second year at the time. I quickly started to enjoy the course, as I got to do what I loved doing for work, and felt as though what we learnt has benefitted my skills and expanded them. On the other hand, although I have enjoyed the 2 years on the course, I am confident that I will not be continuing this course onto University, but instead applying again for College with a completely different course in mind. I am still figuring out what exactly that is, but my thoughts are to go onto an animal care course, as I have always wanted to work with animals.

Thomas Galliers

In game animations for the game Exodus: Rising.

Gaming, watching anime, football, exercising.

Charles Hughes

My project is to create a character for a military, adventure-comedy, science fiction Netflix series. I must produce concept artwork of the character, written biography of character and world and at least one hero pose. Yet this can subject to change.

Since I was little I’ve always wanted to create stories and entertain people. I’m always the sort of person who knows that he/she could do much more and seeking to improve my skills. While I’ve been on the course I’ve learnt much more about the video game industry more than I originally knew which has also earned my interest into the videogame industry just as much as the film industry. This made me realize much more about my possibilities which has influenced my decision to apply to the College’s University Course as I hope to learn much more about the industries as well as knowing whose heading the course and the possibility of improving my skills. Which should help my possibility of a master’s degree at Bournemouth University which could continue into working for Southern Korean animation company Studio Mir.

Eve Huke

My project is to make an animatic complete with music and sound effects and a small animation from what I have. With document work and a production log.

I am a hard working and cheerful young woman and I spend most of my time drawing and playing games. I want to become an animator for games.

Jacob Leigh

Creating concept art for a monster which could fit in the game franchise known as ‘Monster Hunter’. This would include a lot of research to back up my ideas and then many drawings of ideas during the concept art process.

I enjoy creature design, specifically the draconic kind, play lots of games for most of my life and do indeed have plans to go off to university.

Harvey Norton

My FMP is to create initial concept art for a game idea. The theme is a Space Western, it is very loose to allow me range in creating ideas and art.

I am a Second-Year student at Weston College, specialising in Concept Art on my course. Outside of college I work as an illustrator.

Eloise Orr

For my project, I am creating a model of a horned ghost crab in Maya, and sculpting it using Blender. My aim is to create a realistic looking crab with a few exaggerations to give it some character. As I haven’t much experience in sculpting software, this project will help to develop my skills in this area, as well as to refine my already existing abilities.

I chose this course as I’ve always been interested in video games and drawing as a hobby. Throughout this time, I’ve learnt a lot about various software, such as Maya and Photoshop, that I had no experience with before joining. I’ve also learnt about the gaming industry, its structure and its pipeline process, especially during my industry placement at Studio 14. Currently, I’m not interested in attending university, and due to COVID-19, I don’t have any immediate plans for the future. However, looking for an online course could be a viable option in the meantime until this pandemic is over.

Rowan Palmer

My project is intended to be a world war two underground train station platform that was being used as a safe place from a zombie apocalypse that started just as the war was coming to an end.

I am a very monotone person, either something is good or something is bad. Where someone might see good work, I will see everything I did wrong and so I am always trying to improve myself, not always do I but I try my best to get further than I am.

Jay Panesar

I plan on designing an art book that will (in theory) be based off of a company's design document for a video-game. This booklet will consist of concept-art/visual-design for the logo, any posters, characters, settings and storyboards for the chosen game concept. I have decided to base my project on the more visual side of the game concept as this is more closely tailored to my skillset, with plenty of written annotations surely to be added on the side.

Studying 'Creative Design for Animation and Game' at Weston College has given me project writing experience, traditional illustration and life drawing practice, digital concept art generation, revision of game design theory, modelling, sculpting and texturing development. Some of my extra activities include writing for my future graphic novel and video game ideas, traditional drawing practice studying perspective, form and anatomy, and the production of character based, digital art. In regards to the future, I am interested in making video-games and graphic novels that provide a form of escapism yet manages to tackle present world issues as well as the ones that have yet to arise.

John Solatorio

My project is about series of concept art from roughs to final piece. Like a concept book.

An artist who likes to do environment concept art. Did a little bit of 3D animations in my 1st year but not strong on that side. After college I’m doing a gap year, to hone my skills and to build up my portfolio.

Caitlin Stone

A PC game prototype with mechanics centred on mirror puzzles so that I can learn how to make games in Unreal Engine 4.

I am an artist with interests in a variety of different creative fields including music, games, and digital art. I want to travel the world and create a career out of developing games of all types. My dream is to create an indie game development company where people can learn and get help with creating their games while also trying to fight against negative parts of the industry such as sexism, crunch time, and misuse of addicting game mechanics, while advocating for sharing stories from people who need a chance to be heard.

Liam Ticktum

I am working with a game studio in which I make a list of environment assets for them as my project.

This course has been very enjoyable and a great learning experience. Having come from zero knowledge on 3D modelling to understanding and could recreate most complex models shown to me. I plan to go to university following the education path that is laid out for students who go to this course.

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