Ashley Mace


IDEA (Important Diagnosis & Early Action)

IDEA (Important Diagnosis & Early Action) is a home testing kit designed to inform parents on the importance of diagnosing dyslexia as soon as possible. It does so by using a variety of carefully designed activities that help the parent understand their child’s disability and how it impacts their well-being, whilst offering a diagnosis at the same time. My concept is a home testing kit, designed to identify, inform, & support.
It identifies whether or not a child may have dyslexia with a contemporary and interactive set of questions with stickers, that produce a colour result on a spectrum of the disability.
It informs the parents with a booklet full of information on how dyslexia can affect their child, and how important it is to get them formally diagnosed as soon as possible.
Lastly it supports the child with an art activity that helps them let out their emotions, it also encourages them to share their artwork and feelings on a social media community. This not only helps the child to know they are not alone but offers the parent support with other people going through the same thing. The kit also includes an illustrated book designed to show friends and family helping them understand how the child’s brain works a bit differently. It shows examples of how dyslexia can affect them and ways that others can be more understanding and patient.
The brand for IDEA is inspired by children’s drawing and writing. The textures and shapes are from real children’s emotional artworks, expressing the frustration and anger that they feel. The advertising uses Morse Code to represent the lack of understanding, the alien feeling that dyslexic children are forced to feel when they go undiagnosed.
IDEA is flexible and has so much potential, I see it being able to branch out to other Specific Learning Disabilities, such as autism and ADHD. It is about getting a child the support they need, helping them learn how to manage their disability and find strengths within themselves, allowing them to live their dreams and not let anything hold them back.

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