Domenico Licata



Over the course of this project I have been in contact with various industry professionals in the dentistry field. Taking onboard their feedback and recommendations. I was lucky enough to meet with Jamil, an NHS dental nurse tutor at Bristol’s dental hospital, at the earlier stages of the research process. I recently sent him a copy of my work for his feedback and he was able to offer this quote.
As part of my feedback, I also sent out my tooth stencil to a focus group of parents with children within my target audience. I reached out over email and was able to get this quote from one particular parent.
When considering the future of Pearls, I envision this product to become a vital tool used at pre-school level. I would like to create a workshop, which is introduced in the classroom at an early stage to teach children the importance of maintaining a good dental routine as well as a way to pass information onto parents.

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