Kayleigh Potter


The Goodies Club

The Goodies club is an organisation run throughout the UK. The aim of the event is to help feed children during the school holidays, where they would not be getting the free school meals that the would usually get if they were in school. “The absence of free school meals during the summer holidays means some children are going hungry, according to a leading academic and a government adviser on child health. They came to their conclusions after talking to parents, children and staff at holiday breakfast clubs. Researchers say some parents are skipping meals to make sure their children get food. They are now calling for free meals for schoolchildren throughout the year.”- The independent. I worked with a Landlord in Bristol, The Crown Inn, who mentored me throughout my project. He holds free food events at his pub during school holidays, so I wanted this branding to help turn this idea of his into an actual event that can be used in many other pubs or restaurants across the UK

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