Amelia Butcher


Graphic Design Year 2

This year I have enjoyed further developing my skills as a graphic
designer. I have done this by experimenting digitally and using different
printing techniques in college.

The theme of my project is the seven deadly sins, I chose this project because it’s open for interpretation. At the beginning of this project the idea was to have an art instillation and make something interactive and immersive for an audience. I felt that the seven deadly sins allowed me the flexibility to openly experiment with that.

Throughout my artist research I found great inspiration from subversive artists such as Basquiat and Grayson Perry. I feel I took a strong interest into raw and emotional art. During this specific project I took a great interest into Tracy Emin and her extremely personal artwork as well as her art instillation ‘My Bed’.

I created this piece through photographing an instillation I set up in my
bedroom. I found items that I believed were feminine and displayed
traits of sin and arranged them to look like a cluttered and messy
dressing table. I also chose items that juxtaposed each other, for
example a pink heart ashtray filled with cigarettes.

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