Cameron Sutherland


Graphic Design Year 1

Due to some unforeseeable circumstances (covid-19 and isolation) the research I carried out at the start of my project is now only loosely influencing my final pieces. I have had to change what I originally wanted to do as the 7 deadly sins and switched to creating some old-style black and white photography and mixed media images that are inspired by an old hospital photo book my dad had found that he used in college when he was younger. The images are very dark and disturbing, what seem to be, dystopian hospital images that include strange and unorthodox methods to ‘cure’ the sick and a few disturbing images of animal testing.
The work I have done in the collages reflect the unsurmountable pain and torture these out of date methods induced and the unforeseeable psychological damage they caused.
The research I have already done on Salvador Dali I would say still applies to this because of the surrealist nature of the collages. They are symbolic messages about old western medical procedures, obscure and shouldn’t be looked at for face value and are to be interpreted as the viewer wants.

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