Kameron Dancey


Graphic Design Year 2

Down the Rabbit Hole Leading up to lockdown, I was well on the way with research and was starting the design/development process. I had developed ideas for my festival brand logo and settled on my favourite design/layout. I also started designing sub brand logos for various sections of the festival and had other sub brands planned. My plan was to place these on a way graphic map that would guide people around the festival clearly and efficiently.
Before lockdown I had completed a teaser poster for the festival and was developing other teaser posters. My desired final outcome was to have a set of posters including music line ups with Alice in Wonderland themed designs influenced by my research, several wristband designs for attendees and lanyard designs for staff, branded merchandise and a way graphic map that I mentioned earlier.

With all of my artist research ideas and marketing inspiration from other brands in mind, a potential extra aim was to create visual graphic effects for a stage.

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