Kirsty Macdougall


Graphic Design Year 2

Fashion Through Illustration This year I have enjoyed developing my personal work style and having creative freedom throughout my projects. For my final outcome I looked into luxury fashion over the years through illustration (1950s-2010s). My main inspiration for my work was Christian Dior after attending an exhibition about his life and work. What stood out most was the illustrations drawn of his collections, this inspired me to practice my drawing skills and have it as the focus for my project. To create my work, I researched high end designers and their work through the decades starting with the 1950s as at that the time Christian Dior had released his ‘New Look’ collection which was seen as revolutionary for the time as it was the post second world war period. Once I found a look, I felt best represented the decade, I sketched the images then, using water colour paints, I detailed them. The main thing I enjoyed during this project is seeing how styles have evolved over the years.

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