Graphic Design, Year 2

Coming to the end of my second year at University, I have completed professional briefs developing my communication skills and experience interacting with clients, building an element of loyalty, reliability and expanding my portfolio. This educational journey has crafted my knowledge and my adaptable skills to the design industry. I am a passionate enthusiastic individual who aspires to new challenges. My aspirations are to work in a professional Graphic Design Environment, working with high end and global companies, using creative thinking and problem solving to make them stand out from the competitors. This inspires me to explore the opportunities of working with amazing companies and traveling around the world. My passion for design is having the first idea developing from a sketch on a piece of paper, imagining the possibilities unravelling like a tidal wave. Then the next step taking it digital; giving the sketch a personality, an identity and the feeling of ownership and pride. I have focussed this emotion into my work, experimenting with different styles distinguishing my skills. The designs I have created portray the essence of visual communication, that utilises a message to the demographic about society and ways of life, defining an element of nostalgia.

Jack McFarling

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