Graphic Design, Year 2

I like to combine my fashion photography skills within my designs. I am inspired by editorial magazine designs and layouts. Bright colours are often used in my work as part of my style. Illustration is something I would like to learn more about and practise; I have started to do this through exploring hand rendered typography in my work.

SPECTRUM Magazine is a colourful sustainable fashion magazine created as part of My Social Impact Project. The Magazine shows readers that second-hand clothing can be trendy, affordable and you can find something for everyone. It is aimed at 16-25 years olds that are unaware of the options out there to be more sustainable.

I really liked illustrating and screen printing my Pocket Print design, based on the theme of the West Country. My design is named ‘The Big Scone Debate’ because there is controversy around whether you eat your scones the Devonshire way with cream first and jam on top, or Cornish way with jam first and cream on top.

Laura Carter

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