Graphic Design, Year 1

Hello, I’m Lauren, and I’m an illustrator & designer. I focus more on the illustrative side of Graphic Design, and throughout my first year I have learnt many new skills and techniques which have helped me develop my own unique style. I am very enthusiastic about video games, and so a lot of my work is heavily based off of this interest. I would love to one day illustrate for a gaming company such as Nintendo. I try to focus my work and projects around the things I love so that I am motivated and put my all into each one. I have picked these images that I have created this year because I feel like they represent my style and passion really well. Until starting this course, I was a heavily traditional illustrator, but I have developed myself and learnt to use digital software to create my artworks.

I work online as a freelance illustrator in my spare time to help me pay for the software and materials needed in this course. This teaches me how to deal with clients as well as how to market myself online.

Lauren Dury

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