Joseph Kirkman



Hi, I’m Joseph Kirkman ( @joseph_kirkman_ ) Just finishing my Lens Based Media Degree at UCW, Somerset and wanted to share a few photos which are part of my final exhibition. I'm really interested in how photography can be used by individuals to showcase vastly different interpretations of the landscape and our connection to it. During the production of this body of work, I have produced a portfolio of abstract work which I am creating for my forthcoming gallery on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides. My intention for the gallery is to display and sell my own work and the work of other island-based artists and photographers.
This artistic style showcases my colourful and experimental interpretation of the Hebridean landscape. In a collection I’ve called ‘Seasmhach’ - Gaelic for ‘Constant’ - my images are created using intentional camera movement and post-production techniques. Seasmhach portrays the constantly changing light and colour found within this wild scenery.

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