extended diploma level 3

Welcome to our media page, here you will find a collection of films from projects and workshops undertaken this year. The Media students have been expressing their creative skills through adverts, radio shows, green screen workshops, live music events and even a Christmas sing along. Feel free to browse through the videos and enjoy the diverse range of creativity on offer. 

advertising - year two

A collection of short original advert ideas produced by the Media students. Can you guess the taste? See the sights? And relive the magic?

Enjoy the films and remember this time... don’t skip the adverts.

radio dramas - year one

The students worked in their groups and picked a genre out of a hat. They had to write a short radio drama script based on their genre - horror, romance, or thriller. Each group had to write a script that had more than one person speaking. They recorded all dialogue using a Rode microphone and a Zoom h4 field recorder. They then imported their recordings into final cut pro and set about editing it together. Each student did their own edit including any sound FXs, music or foley audio. They then shared their finished dramas to the group, and we all listened to them. This was a 3-hour audio workshop, helping the students to gain some practical experience of recording and editing audio. It was also a lot of fun.

radio adverts - year one

The Year 1 students were tasked with producing a 30 second radio advert based on an original script they had written.  They worked in groups of three or four to research, write and record their script.  They used microphones and mini field recorders to record their dialogue and then each member produced their own radio advert.  Each student used final cut pro to carry out their audio edit and added sound FXs, music, and jingles to create a professional sounding radio advert.  They did all this in a 3-hour workshop, and it gave them some great editing experience they can build on as they progress through the course.

twelve days of christmas - editing workshops

A fun editing workshop using greenscreen and celebrating Christmas 

loxton live - collaboration 

We filmed and edited a live music show for the FE Music students. An excellent challenge demonstrating communication, team work and practical skills whilst filming a live event with presenters, interviews and a range of musicians. Please enjoy the show.