Nathanael Sadler


Media Production Level 2

Final Major project short film: Tape B Tape B is a short film about a mans encounter with a mysterious creature on his way home from work. This short film is designed in the style of a damaged VHS tape, with trippy visuals and glitches. I didn’t reveal the name of the creature because I wanted the audience to come up with their own monster and also because it adds more suspense to the story because you never find out what follows him home.

About Me I am a Media Production Student at Weston College South West Skills Campus. In Media Production we study the practical skills in the media industry which include video, image making, photography and audio. This year we have worked on a range different projects such as TV trailers, Podcasts and TV adverts. We also worked on mini projects during our practical workshop lessons, which allowed us to experiment with camera work and editing. My favourite part of this course is that you have creative freedom and you get to work as a team on projects. When I leave college, I plan on working on the cinematography and photography side of the media industry.

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