Reuben Wagstaff


Media Production Level 2

Hello, my name is Reuben Wagstaff. I’m 17 years old and I have a strong passion for media. I love doing camera work and find it fascinating to film all sorts of things. And I really enjoy learning about the media industry and the different aspects of media.

Summary/Description Of Displayed Work:

My brief was for me to film a 1-3 minute scene which shows suspense, so for my project it is about a girl who comes back home late at night from her friends house and goes to bed. She wakes up but in a mysterious dream where she starts to hear many strange noises and whispers from different rooms in the house. So she goes and try’s to find where these noises are coming from. Throughout the scenes it builds suspense and tension to the viewer, which is what I aimed to create in this project. In the end she hears a loud ring in her ear and she closes her eyes and grabs her head in distress and wakes up in her bed noticing it was a dream, I named it The Unseen because you cant see where these noises are coming from. I also have done a television advert. This was a advert on soup and for the advert we used Cupa Soup, we had five people in our group and my role was the camera man. I enjoyed this project a lot because I think we picked a wide range of locations to use in the advert and it turned out really well. I have done a life style tv program advert and this was the most enjoyable one to do because we had a couple of actors in it and we reached out to a voice actress, and I developed my team work skills the most in this project. I have also done a game show podcast, we had a host and a couple of contestants but my role was a editor so I was focusing most on finding all the sound effects and syncing it together. I think in this project I developed my editing skills and also research on sound effects.

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