MUSIC pathway

The lockdown has presented us with an incredible challenge. Our students and staff have embraced this and applied their problem solving and creative talents to overcome many of the obstacles. We reflected upon what the core aims of our courses were and how we could achieve this without shared teaching spaces and equipment whilst engaging with new technologies. Our students have excelled producing some of their best work during lockdown. Some students have been better placed than others in terms of access to equipment and emotional support, but we have worked together to get the best out of a bad situation. Looking forward, we feel that we have a system which can continue to achieve at the highest level and nurture student creativity despite the ongoing corona virus situation. We want to thank our student community for their dedication, positivity and flexibility.

- "The Music Team"

This course fuses the art of music performance with the craft of music production in order to facilitate the development of a broad range of skills required by employers and/or working as a professional freelancer.

Our Degree Radio Stream


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The Level 3 course focuses on Performance and Production skills. Learners prepare for live performances both in-house and in a variety of venues. Giving budding performers and technicians the opportunity to have genuine industry experiences.

Our Level 1,2 & 3 Radio Stream


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At Levels 1 and 2 our students learn about the music industry, performing and recording, using professional music software, writing songs and live music production. This is an opportunity to explore their creativity and learn about the skills needed to develop their interest in music into a career.

Robert Colman's experimental Stream.


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Skylar Phoenix Turpie's hour long radio show


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