Ellena Reddington


Photography, Year 2

Hi my names Ellena, (@eweoa), this is my new project called blossom and it’s all set around the idea of loving myself and being proud of who I am. Growing up I had a hard time with accepting myself, my weight and my appearance. I got bullied in school for the way I would look and would even get bullied for what uniform I would wear. I found it hard to concentrate in school as I tend to have a mind full of thoughts which led me to severely self-harm as a child. I tried everything I could to change the way I look, wear more make-up, change my hair or even try starving myself to the point where I felt like passing out just so I could please others in the way I looked. Overtime it got so much that I just wanted to end it all because I wanted to be that pretty girl everyone adored. But now five years on I’ve realized that I’m beautiful no matter what size I am or how I look, I am unique, creative and myself. We don’t need to change, we don’t need anyone’s approval to be ourselves. This project means a lot to me as it helped me find my inner confidence I had been longing for, for years.

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