Khamal Thomas


Photography, Year 2

Hi, I’m Khamal Thomas just finishing the second year of the FdA Photography in Practice at UCW (@ucweston). During the Summer of 2019, I spent two months traveling around Argentina with my childhood friend. Omar and I grew up together in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we were separated as teenagers when my family moved to the UK and his settled in Cordoba, Argentina. Reunited, we walked through the Provinces of Cordoba and Buenos Aires, talking about old times in Saudi and reflecting on our new homes and the cultures we have adopted. We met people as we walked. My Britishness interested those we encountered, leading to discussions about the Falklands and political debates. In this photographic essay, shot as I walked without a plan, I am exploring an unfamiliar culture with a friend from a shared heritage. The work reflects the lack of control we have had in the paths our lives have taken, as well as exploring a new cultural environment.

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