Brodie Sutton


Photography Year 1

In school I did art as one of my GCSE’s. I was definitely more interested in photography but didn't get to experience it. My mum and dad have cameras and I have been brought up with them having that interest as well. When I knew that you could do a photography course at college, I was very interested. I went to a taster day and learnt how to paint with light. I also went to another taster day to meet some of the people that were going to be in the same class.

My project is about light and shadows. I changed my idea during my project as I went from photographing food decaying to more general food photography. Due to covid 19 I didn’t want to waste lots of food by letting it go mouldy so I changed to photographing it before it had been used or just after (like the peppers my mum had used for dinner). After a few tutorials I realised it was the light that I liked and the shadows I used to frame the food. I like to use natural light in my photos to create the shapes of the shadows.


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