Harrison Coonick


Photography Year 1

I'm a 19 year old studying photography and live in a rural location in North Somerset. I would like to seek out a career as a war photographer or as a National Geographic photographer. I could not have a job where I would be stuck inside all day as it just would never work for me, I would have to be doing something out-side.

I set out to document war in photography, using the work of Don McCullin and his documentary work as inspiration. I was mainly looking at his documentary work on the Vietnam War as he captured the horror of war and men in the moment of war. For my project, I decided to re-create a soldier in Vietnam the best way I could. All my photographs are self-portraits. My photos represent the soldiers in war, capturing the moment of war and their facial expressions as they tell a story. In every war, facial expressions tell a different story but at the same time a very similar story.


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